JACKSONVILLE, FL – Today marked the second Donald Trump flotilla that State Representative Cord Byrd and his wife organized over the past month. During this time, Byrd has said nothing publicly about the murder of George Floyd, the nationwide peaceful protests calling for an end to systemic racism, or about Florida families who are struggling because of the unemployment system’s continued delays.

Joshua Hicks, the Democratic nominee for Florida State House, District 11, issued the following statement:

“Cord Byrd has chosen flotillas over Floridians. Instead of working towards an end to systemic racism or helping the hundreds of thousands of Floridians waiting on relief from our broken unemployment system, my opponent is spending his time organizing flotillas to soothe Donald Trump’s ego. It’s time to cut the cord on a leader who has failed us.

Byrd’s priority is and always has been to promote Donald Trump, a President who is more interested in tweeting than he is in leading our country. My priority will always be the people of Florida’s 11th District. They deserve a candidate that will put them first.”

A video statement is available here.

Byrd has ties to QAnon Conspiracy: During the first flotilla on May 16, the Byrds were seen riding in their friends’ boat under the official flag of QAnon, an online conspiracy theory that the FBI warned is “a new domestic terrorism threat.” Why is Representative Byrd palling around with QAnon conspiracy theorists and does he share their dangerous beliefs?

Hicks Outraised Byrd in May: After announcing his candidacy on May 11, Joshua Hicks raised $18,823 while Rep. Byrd raised $0 for his reelection campaign.