While the result yesterday wasn’t what we hoped for, we ran a campaign that District 11 has never seen before.

Endorsements from over 25 organizations and leaders, including Commissioner Nikki Fried and President Barack Obama. $105,000+ raised from over 1,700 donations made by real people, not Florida’s largest corporate interests.

Thousands of bipartisan conversations across the district. A clear choice for voters in a district that heavily favored Republicans. We ran a race we can all be proud of and none of this was possible without YOUR support.

Thank you for placing your faith in me, but more importantly, in our ability to come together as a community. I’m grateful for everyone who cast a ballot for our campaign to place people over politics.

The voters have spoken, and I respect their decision. However, I refuse to disappear and will continue to work to place our families and our First Coast community first in the future. We still have a lot of work to do and I know you’ll be right there with me.

THANK YOU, truly, for all your support. I am humbled and honored.