In the most important election of our lifetimes, the voters in District 11 have a clear choice.


Supporting Our Military and Veterans Joshua will work to develop grants and programs that support veterans opening small businesses, transitioning to the civilian workforce, and becoming the next generation of leaders. Cord Byrd claims he’s an Air Force veteran even though he dropped out of military school after a year and never served, saying “it wasn’t for me.” [Folio Weekly, 7/25/18]
Domestic Terrorists and White Supremacy Joshua strongly condemns domestic terror movements and white supremacist organizations. He will work every day to end systemic racism and stand up to dangerous hate groups. Cord Byrd has shown support for domestic terror threat QAnon and he refuses to condemn white supremacist hate groups like the Proud Boys. [Florida Politics, 10/5/20]
Accessibility and Transparency Joshua will listen to everyone in District 11, no matter what their political affiliation is, and place people first. He has made a commitment to always be accessible, present, and transparent. Cord Byrd has been completely absent during the coronavirus pandemic and unemployment crisis. He wouldn’t even participate in a nonpartisan forum to talk with voters. [WJCT, 9/24/20]
Healthcare Joshua believes every family should have affordable healthcare. He supports expanding Medicaid to 800,000+ Floridians to bring down healthcare costs for us all. Cord Byrd voted against a special session to expand Medicaid to Floridians who needed health insurance during the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.
Public Education Joshua is a proud product of our public school system. He will fight to prioritize our public schools by raising teacher pay and fully funding our public schools. Cord Byrd has repeatedly voted to siphon money away from public schools. Some of that taxpayer money even goes to schools that discriminate against students and parents.
Supporting Our Workers and Small Businesses Joshua knows that small businesses are the backbone of our community and our economy. He will fight to lower the rent sales tax and establish loan and grant programs that prioritize small businesses. Knowing the coronavirus pandemic was coming, Cord Byrd voted to blow a hole in the state budget with a $500 million tax break to Florida’s largest politically connected companies.