So many Floridians are struggling right now and their needs aren’t being represented in Tallahassee. In fact, policies enacted by the Florida Legislature have actually made our current health and economic crisis worse. I’m running to undo this damage and pass policies that will keep our community healthy, safe, and affordable. Here is my commitment to you: I will always listen to everyone in District 11, no matter what their political affiliation is. I will be accessible, present, and transparent. As your State Representative, I promise to:

Grow our economy. Our community needs jobs with better pay and benefits. That starts with a living wage and paid sick leave for those currently without it. Small businesses are the backbone of our community and they’ve been hit hard by the COVID-19 crisis. I’ll ensure they get the support they need to recover by lowering the rent sales tax, and establishing loan and grant programs for small businesses, not politically connected corporations.

Invest in public education. Florida ranks 46th in the country in teacher salaries and near the bottom of the list when it comes to school funding. We need to invest in a quality public education system, which includes better pay for teachers, additional funding for infrastructure improvements, smaller class sizes, and a renewed focus in arts education programs for our children.

Expand healthcare. I believe healthcare is a right, not a privilege. And the current COVID-19 crisis has made clear that we’re all relying on each other to stay healthy. Here in Florida, with nearly 3 million Floridians uninsured, we must expand Medicaid, which would cover more than 400,000 low income Floridians and get us closer to every Floridian being covered. I also believe that no one should be denied coverage for pre-existing conditions or go bankrupt getting the care they need. I’ll work to expand affordable coverage options, so that we can lower healthcare costs for you and your family.

Fix our broken unemployment system. Hundreds of thousands of Floridians have lost their jobs and many have also lost their healthcare during the coronavirus pandemic. It is shameful that our political leaders deliberately underfunded and under-resourced the unemployment system. I’ll support efforts to reform our unemployment system, including funding for additional support staff and upgraded technology, so relief is immediately available when workers need it. I also support increasing benefits and the length they’re available so workers can actually pay their rent or mortgage and put food on the table during times of crisis.

Fight climate change. I believe in science. Climate change is real and we need to act to protect our community and state from the changing climate. That means acting on rising sea levels today, to protect the coastlines of Nassau and Duval counties, while also protecting the region’s Naval base at Mayport. Florida can and should lead the nation in clean energy, which will bring good-paying jobs and curb our carbon emissions.

Preserve our community’s natural beauty. I’ll work with environmental leaders to protect our beaches, coastal waterways, and state and local parks from over development and fight against any attempt at reducing environmental regulations in our district. We need to ensure our pristine coastal communities for decades to come, which means acting now.

Champion equality. I believe we need to achieve full equality for all people and until we do, our work is not done. That’s why I’ll be a leader who lifts up every person no matter what they look like, who they are, or who they love. I’ll promote LGBTQ+ equality, fight for an end to systemic racism, and work to end workplace discrimation no matter your sex, race, or sexual orientation. We must work together to end discrimination in all forms and I’ll be a champion for equality in the Legislature.

Support sensible gun laws. I support the Second Amendment but I will always vote to protect our children and community from senseless gun violence. That includes supporting universal background checks, keeping guns out of our classrooms and weapons of war off our streets. I believe we can pass common sense gun laws and still uphold the Second Amendment.

Defend our democracy. No one knows how this virus will impact the primary election in August and the general election in November. That’s why we must, immediately, make it as easy and safe to vote as possible, by expanding early voting and making vote-by-mail more accessible. Finally, we should respect the will of Florida voters who voted overwhelmingly to restore the right to vote to returning citizens who have served their time. That includes repealing the modern day poll-tax passed by the Florida Legislature.

Protect a woman’s right to choose. I strongly support a woman’s right to make medical decisions about her own body. Those decisions should be made with her doctor and without the government intervening. I will fight to protect access to affordable quality healthcare, which includes family planning services like coverage of contraception and reproductive services.